Component Authenticity Inspection & Testing

Whether you are an OEM or an independent distributor buying on the open market, undetected substandard and counterfeit parts pose one of the biggest risks to your business. They can cause excessive re-procurement costs, delays in time to market, and damage to your company’s reputation.

That’s where Advanced Component Testing comes in. We can perform a series of inspections and tests to ensure that your components meet the basic standards they’re supposed to: eliminating counterfeit products in the process. ACT is on the Defense Logistics Agency’s Qualified Testing Suppliers List and is one of a few qualified labs for Lab Suitability for authenticity testing of electronic components. We also meet all aerospace AS6081 standards for detecting fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. With approvals and accreditations demonstrating ACT meets the highest level military standards, our customers can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of our processes—and our results.

Learn more about the AS6081 standard and what makes it important.

  • External Visual Inspection
  • Material Analysis/Device Composition via XRF
  • Lead Condition Inspection
  • RoHS Compliance/MIL Lead Compliance
  • Physical Dimension Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Marking Permanency Inspection
  • Visual Testing via SEM
  • Blacktopping Inspection
  • IC Decapsulation/Delidding
  • Resistance to Solvents
  • Electrical Curve Tracing
  • Die Verification via OCM Die Database
  • Heated Solvent Testing
  • BGA Inspection
*This list is not all inclusive. For information on other services, please contact our sales department.