What Steps Are You Taking to Protect Your Aged Inventory?

The infiltration of substandard product in today’s supply chain continues to pose a great threat to manufacturers today. Counterfeit products may have found their way into your aged inventory that may have been sitting on your shelves for years, often thought to be immune to this type of threat.

What steps have you taken to safeguard your aged inventory against substandard product?

Let Advanced Component Testing evaluate your electronic components using the latest, state of the art test equipment and industry compliant testing procedures.

Advanced Component Testing Offers:

  • Functional Electrical Testing
  • Group A Electrical Testing
  • Component Authenticity
  • De-capsulation/De-lidding
  • Internal Visual Die Inspection
  • Material Analysis/Device Composition
  • Physical Dimension Inspection
  • Component Up-Screening
  • Marking Permanency Inspection
  • Component Surface Inspection/Blacktop
  • X-Ray Die Bond & Frame Inspection
  • XRF Spectrum Analysis/RoHS
  • External Visual Inspection
  • Solderability Testing
  • Bake/Dry Pack
  • Tape/Reeling
  • Proprietary OCM Die Database
  • Engineering Review
  • Comprehensive Report

Offering quick turnaround times, competitive pricing and superior customer service, Advanced Component Testing provides a consistent and systematic approach to testing each and every time.



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